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Keen Observers

Faith Obrerhor

Kids absorb everything

“Observation, not old age, brings wisdom.” by Publilius Syrus.

Children are like sponges, absorbing information and experiences from their environment. As parents, teachers, and caregivers, we must be mindful of the messages we send and the examples we set for children.

Upon return to work following the Presidential elections, I listened as children conversed. It was interesting to hear the opinions I believe they had formed from listening to conversations from their parents.

In the context of elections and politics, it is important to model good citizenship and democratic values such as respect, tolerance, and open-mindedness. Regarding children and their observations of political events, it is fascinating how perceptive children can be, even regarding complex issues like elections. Children can absorb information from their environment, including the political opinions of the adults around them.

We can also engage children in age-appropriate discussions about current events and encourage them to ask questions and form their opinions.

Overall, we should always appreciate the intelligence and awareness of children. They are constantly learning and growing, and we are responsible for guiding them in a positive direction.

As educators and caregivers, we must recognize our influence on the children in our care and use this influence responsibly. We should strive to provide children with accurate information and help them develop critical thinking skills rather than imposing our political beliefs on them.

In summary, children are astute observers, and we should be mindful of the messages we convey to them, especially concerning politics and other sensitive topics.

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