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Over the years, in bid to roll back illiteracy, TCLI has taken under its wing some pet projects that contribute to its vision and objectives and also in collaboration with the SDG number 4.

Benue IDP Project

This project began in 2018 and is aimed at reaching out to Internally Displaced Persons in Benue, especially IDP children of school age, with educational resources and relief materials.

Period Care Pack for School Girls Campaign

Many underserved school girls miss school for 3-5 days monthly as a result of no access to adequate sanitary knowledge and materials. This campaign kicked off in May 2019 with the aim of reaching out to such underserved secondary school girls with menstrual hygiene knowledge, menstrual hygiene materials in order to equip them with knowledge on how to effectively take care of themselves during their period. They are given care packs which contain sanitary pads, roll on, bathing soap, shaving stick and a bookmark with care tips. We reached almost 700 girls between May and December 2019. The overall goal of this campaign is to keep these girls in school in support of SDG number 4.

Feet for School

This project was inspired by the realization that many underprivileged children are in school but without adequate footwear or none at all to wear to school. Of more concern is the fact that a large percentage of them trek long distances to school. This exposes them to grave dangers as they trek, play on the playground and even walk around barefooted or in slippers. This project is aimed at providing less privileged Nigerian school children especially in the Middle-Belt and North-East with hand-made sandals, shoes, and sneakers for school. The end-goal of this project is to fight illiteracy and ensure that these children remain in school. This project is in fulfillment of the goals of SDG number 4.

Portable Library Project

TCLI is passionate about encouraging the reading culture among Nigerian children especially those who do not have access to books and learning resources. This has fueled this project which is aimed at providing underserved communities, IDP camps and schools without library facilities with portable/moveable libraries stocked with books, learning resources and tablets to aid their digital learning. These libraries have wheels to enable them to be moved from one place to another. The first portable library was set up at the Daudu IDP Camp in December, 2019.