Programs - Thinking Cap Literacy Initiative



Spelling bee contests

Annually for seven years now, TCLI has organized spelling bee contests for children in primary schools located around Jos and Bassa areas, Bauchi and Akwa-Ibom states as well. The competition is tagged, “The Word Builders Spelling Bee Contest.” This platform serves to encourage better spelling and reading habits in Nigerian children and improve their self-confidence. Past contests have gathered together about 1,000 children to compete for winning prizes. Improvements are made in every year’s edition to ensure the vision of the organization is achieved.


Literacy Workshops

These workshops are aimed at sensitizing the young ones concerning issues such as plagiarism and healthy reading habits. They are also aimed at teaching them how to write excellently, arming them with the necessary skills to write and write well. These workshops will be held in various schools across Nigeria and participants will receive certificates of participation.


Writing and Math competitions

As an organization, we believe that literacy is not just restricted to reading and spelling. TCLI intends to organize writing competitions for Nigerian children to showcase their writing skills and talents and be rewarded for excellent performances. The Math competitions would also present a platform for students to exercise their brainpower and sharpen their mathematical skills and also be rewarded for outstanding performances. We believe that these competitions will aid in boosting the literacy levels of the Nigerian child in various areas.


Humanitarian work with IDPs

TCLI began working directly with internally displaced persons in 2018. Two visits were conducted in 2018 alone, to ABAGANA and DAUDU IDP camps in Benue state. TCLI Collaborated with other organizations and individuals to raise funds for the visits and relief materials such as food, clothes, shoes, and toiletries were taken to both camps. International literacy day was also celebrated with the children at the St. Theresa’s IDP camp in Yola in 2018. In 2019, TCLI executed the third.


Pet Projects

Pet Projects such as Benue IDP Project, Period Care Pack for School Girls Campaign, and Feet for School.


Portable Library Project

This project officially kicked off in December, 2019 with the delivery of a portable/moveable bookshelf stocked with about 200 books and learning resources to the Daudu IDP camp in Benue state. The goal is to set up such libraries in underprivileged communities, IDP camps and schools without librairies.