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Entrepreneurship: The Way Forward for Children’s Growth and Development

Krystal Ana'an Azi

It is no news that the government can no longer employ or create employment opportunities for graduates. Therefore, entrepreneurial skills should be introduced to pupils and students in primary and secondary schools respectively. Entrepreneurship simply refers to the process of developing, organizing, and running a business.

Moving forward, we have different entrepreneurship skills such as coding, hairdressing, catering/baking, fashion designing, web designing, graphic designing and so much more. These entrepreneurship skills can either be introduced to be taught in schools or parents should enroll their wards at tender stages of their lives.

The importance of entrepreneurship cannot be overemphasized. Unemployment has inflicted more harm than good in today’s society. It has ushered in insecurity, banditry, and kidnapping including a host of other crimes. Youths are left idle pushing them to commit evil.

Statistics have shown that children learn faster at tender ages than they do when they grow older. They can understand easily. When they are introduced to these trades, they adapt easily and it becomes a part of them. By the time they are done with school, they would have become professionals in their respective fields and do not have to wait for government jobs.

Furthermore, when they are taught to monetize these skills, they become independent. They do not have to depend on their parents or guardians for money.

Also, entrepreneurship in children teaches them creativity. They learn to think outside the box and come up with ideas that will further grow their line of trade. Formal education is beautiful but sometimes restrictive to only what they are taught in schools. Entrepreneurship teaches them to think, create and innovate.

Finally, the task of teaching and training these young ones with entrepreneurship skills should not be left to schools alone but also to respective guardians and parents. Teach and encourage them to enroll in entrepreneurship centers, grow with them and always be ready to help them.

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