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Effects of Divorce on a Minor

Krystal Ana'an Azi

In simple terms, divorce means to dissolve a marriage while a minor is anyone who is below 18. More often than not, the implications of divorce have diverse negative effects on minors. It tends to affect their thought patterns and how they relate to people and their immediate environment.

Firstly, their academic performance begins to decline. This is because the child’s mind is divided and in constant worry. A child who was used to living with both parents is now forced to stay with only one of them. The child becomes distracted, loses focus academically, and equally loses interest.

Furthermore, the child becomes socially withdrawn. They begin to withdraw themselves from their peers. All of a sudden, the child would not want to associate with his/her friends. Insecurity sets in for these children when they see others with both parents and are left in broken homes. To fight these thoughts that come with this insecurity, they opt out to stay away from everyone else as a safer option for them.

In addition, they find it hard to move on. It becomes worse for the minors if either of the parents decides to remarry and they are forced to leave with the new condition. It is more disheartening to state that some of these stepparents end up abusing these kids physically, emotionally, and sexually. This singular act kills their self-esteem and leaves them feeling useless and worthless.

Similarly, these kids become mentally drained. The constant negative thoughts leave them helpless. Little things trigger them; they get easily angered, they experience anxiety and panic attacks, and they detest everyone around them. Their lives become a living hell for them and those around them.

Moving forward, the vulnerable ones get easily swayed into harmful activities that could destroy their future. They feel neglected by their parents leading them to seek solace with outsiders that could end up harming them. The female minors might go into early teenage dating and the men would in turn take advantage of their innocence and vulnerability sexually. These girls are starved of parental love so as far as they are concerned, whatever these men are showing them is love.

More so, some of them end up with health challenges. Those who have become mentally drained might go into depression or even have to deal with hypertension in the early stages of their lives. For the girls who have been sexually exploited, these men end up leaving them with STIs or getting them pregnant. Eventually, some children venture into committing suicide when the weight of the world becomes heavy on them.

In conclusion, divorce affects minors in the most disheartening ways. It is really sad and pathetic that they have to go through terrible experiences for what is no fault of theirs. For these children to have a beautiful future, they have to grow in the safest environments. It contributes positively to their growth and prepares them to be the best versions of themselves.

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