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Catch Them Young: Teaching Your Children Financial Literacy

Christine Vihishima

Studies from institutions like Cambridge University have shown that children as young as 3 years old are capable of grasping basic money principles. Early exposure to financial education equips children with the tools they need to approach their finances responsibly and confidently in adulthood.

Here are valuable insights on cultivating financially savvy youngsters:

1. Engage in Money Conversations: A recent global asset management survey noted that 37% of parents avoid money-related conversations with their kids due to discomfort. To overcome this fear and discomfort, such conversations should be had to demystify money.

2. Nurture Saving Habits: Introduce the concept of saving by introducing them to either the classic piggy bank or a more modern savings account, depending on their age.Looking for the best Replica Watches site 2021 in the world? Buy now High-Quality replica watches for the best price on website.

3. Cultivate Budgeting Skills: Start teaching your children the art of mindful spending through budgeting. I vividly recall my mother guiding me by having me compile a list of needed items along with their prices whenever I required money. After sharing the list with her, we would collaboratively analyze the items to determine what was essential and what could be reconsidered.

4. Teach them to prioritize. This is where children are taught to identify the difference between NEEDS and WANTS. You can help them gain more clarity by using examples of things around the house to identify what is necessary for survival (needs) and what is not (wants).

5. Practice delayed gratification. Teach them the difference between delayed gratification and instant pleasure and show them the importance of the former.

6. Walk the talk! Children often mirror what they see their parents do and this also applies to money behaviors as well. Therefore, ensure that what you are teaching your children is also what you are practising as well.

7. Teach them to give. Giving is another very important principle and the best time to instil the spirit of generosity in your children is at a very young age. Present them with opportunities to contribute to others, making generosity a natural part of their growth.

8. Incentivize their efforts. You can choose to reward them with monetary incentives so as to show them the importance of earning their own money.

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