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Communications Lead/Admin

Arinze is a graduate of Prosthetics and Orthotics, a Pragmatist, Promoter, Collaborator, Administrator and storyteller who strives for unlimited vision. He is a passionate voice for equitable access to a better world through quality education and sustainable innovation in Nigeria, especially through storytelling. In this pursuit, Arinze has volunteered, assisted, collaborated and taken up roles in development organizations such as Thinking Cap Literacy Initiative, Voice of the Christian Martyrs, STEMi Africa and ISmileCosYouSmile to develop and promote programs and projects that foster the aforementioned passion and purpose to create impact because he believes a better world is possible.

Other Team Members

Christine Msurshima Vihishima

Executive Director

Nerat-Dagwi D. Nyam

Executive Assistant

Jesse Nkwiri

Volunteer Coordinator