Ruby Gyang

Ruby Gyang is the co-founder and CEO of RG Entertainment and Media Company LTD. She is an artist, an entertainer, a talent developer, with over a decade’s worth of experience. She is very passionate about social impact and entrepreneurship and she has impacted over 5,000 creatives, entertainers and freelancers in the media and entertainment space in Nigeria under programs such as Jtown Rising Stars (JTRS) and Accelerate Bootcamp for Entertainers. She is also very committed to support and mentor female and youth artists who do not have easy access to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and West Africa.

Bobby Joachim

Bobby Joachim is a people and organization development consultant leveraging his capacity as Nigeria’s premier certified advanced professional coach in cultural intelligence. He is a distinguished fellow of the National Institute of Policy & Strategic Studies (NIPSS). He is famously called “The Godfather” as a rising polymath in line with his true north of inspiring mental shifts in people. He is the CEO of Tevuna Limited, a training and development firm providing cutting-edge training in Cultural Intelligence, Content Development, and Life Coaching to improve performance and business results.

Christine Msurshima Vihishima

Christine Vihishima is the Executive Director of TCLI. She is a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Asides her educational pursuits, she is a strong voice for equitable access to education and literacy in her community.

In pursuit of this passion, she set up Thinking Cap Literacy Initiative, whose main goal is to roll back illiteracy among Nigerian children and teenagers using various creative methods. The programs put in place are aimed at encouraging and providing equitable access to education for all, with a special focus on the girl child.

Christine also volunteered with the Community Service office of her university, where she taught the native women in Yola how to read and write, and also piloted a campaign that provides underprivileged school girls with menstrual hygiene training and materials.

She strongly believes that everyone should have access to quality education and that if women are educated, they can participate more in government and be enlightened enough to also hold their government accountable as a result of the framework of democracy. In her free time, Christine enjoys discussing national and global issues with her peers. She is a serial entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a writer.

Gogo George Ntor

Mr. Ntor is a graduate of law. He also holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Lagos. He is an avid researcher and an erudite legal practitioner. He is passionate about helping teenagers and youths discover their potentials early in life.

Swanta Blessing Bonat

Swanta is a passionate educator who has a passion to reach out to young children with quality education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and has an NGO that focuses on getting quality education to children in rural areas which she has done passionately for years now.

Swanta is an outspoken education advocate and has used the powerful tool of social media to speak out for quality education so as to bring change to the Nigerian system of education. Her NGO, Community Outreach for Educational Change, is currently running a community school for rural children in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Naomi Olubodun

Mrs. Naomi is currently doing her Doctorate Degree at the University of Jos. She is yet another seasoned educator who currently runs an elementary school that is raising star learners. She is well-experienced with working with children with special needs and is all out to support any initiatives that promote literacy and education. She has served as resources person at various workshops and seminars as well and is making strides to bring positive change to the educational system. She has served as the Chief Judge at TCLI’s Spelling Contests for 7 years now.

Esta Mbachirin Vihishima

Mrs. Esta is a well-qualified and seasoned educationist with a passion for affecting youngsters with quality education. She has run various schools for nearly two decades now and has invested immensely in numerous projects to encourage literacy among the growing generation. She has published various educational materials and has also served as resource person at quite a number of educational seminars and workshops across the country. She is currently a regional representative of the Alpha & Omega Curriculum in Nigeria. She is experienced in working with children with special needs and is greatly immersed in tackling issues of early childhood education in the Nigerian school system.