Humanitarian Work with IDPs

TCLI began working directly with internally displaced persons in 2018. Two visits were conducted in 2018 alone, to ABAGANA and DAUDU IDP camps in Benue state. TCLI Collaborated with other organizations and individuals to raise funds for the visits and relief materials such as food, clothes, shoes, and toiletries were taken to both camps. International literacy day was also celebrated with the children at the St. Theresa’s IDP camp in Yola in 2018. In 2019, TCLI executed the third visit to the two Daudu IDP Camps in Benue State, where we donated clothes at one camp and set up a portable library stocked with about 100 books and learning resources for the use of the children at the camp.

Community Clean Up

In March 2021, we partnered with For Community By Community and ECWA Seminary Youth Ministry, Jos to conduct a community clean up of the Zaria Road Burial Ground. We went for a phase 2 clean up in May and a third one happened in December, 2021. Over the years due to the lack of maintenance, the burial ground has metamorphosed into something of an eyesore. Although this may be just a cemetery, it is also a place where many have laid to rest their loved ones and is also a part of the community as well. We realize that we also have a duty to keep this part of our community clean and well kept, and we cannot do this alone because it is an enormous task. We have gathered about 150 youths to conduct this clean up so far.


The #COVID19FOODDRIVEJOS was a food drive intervention organized by TCLI to help needy families in Jos, Plateau State with food packages, especially during the lockdown period. It was born out of deep concern for families who do not have food to eat during the lockdown period resulting from the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. We reached out to widows, single mothers, elderly men and women, disabled persons, persons who depend on daily pay, teenage mothers, and students/youth corps members who were stranded. We conducted the food drive in six (6) phases and fed over 950 families in eight (8) weeks in over 20 different locations in Jos. The food packages contained a mixture of rice, beans, garri, corn, onions, palm oil, groundnut oil, salt, seasoning cubes, sugar, cornflakes, tomato puree, spaghetti, yam, hand sanitizer, and face masks. Fundraising and mobilization were done using social media. A short video compilation of phase one of the food drive on Youtube: